Welcome to Bonjour Ashford

Looking for some fun learning activity for your children this half term? Want your children to become multilingual? At Bonjour Ashford, children aged from 3 to G.C.S.E can learn to speak and write French in a fun and interesting way.

Bonjour Ashford was established in 2003 by Sandrine Robineau.

Sandrine has been in England for over 20 years and her aim for the club is to provide
the children a very important native accent for them to copy.

Children from 4 are taught French mostly through songs and games in a relaxed atmosphere. The lessons are planned around a diversity of themes and projects, which are practical, interesting and great fun. Written work is mostly introduced to children above 8 years old.

Sandrine ensure that there are only a few children of similar age in every class, so that each child can get individual attention. She also teaches pre-school children in nurseries around Ashford .

She has a CRB certificate and the club is fully insured.

Every year the club organises two charities event. The first one takes place @ the club's address every last Sunday in June and we also hold a Christmas event that takes place at the Godinton village hall every first Sunday in December.

Since 2007 the French club has raised an amazing £4868.08 for Kent Air Ambulance and £2667.37 for EKS and £922.84 from January to July Pilgrims Hospice and £40 for children in need.

It is truly a very special family day out as the whole family can enjoy croissants, pancakes and play French games. The children will perform for the parents and family members to show off all they have achieved that year.


The club is offering Tots sessions for preschool children .the classes are full of songs
and games to introduce gently your little ones to French . If your child is going to school in September , the french club will offer sessions from Jan to July .

Sessions take place on Tuesday mornings @10.30 and wed afternoon @2 pm. More
sessions available on demands. Sessions are 30 minutes and £5


For more information or to book your space, call Bonjour Ashford on 
01233 336848
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